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Demystifying Future and FutureBuilder in Flutter

Futures are very popular in Dart and Flutter. If you have previously written code in Dart, you must have already seen Future. If you don't completely understand what Future is and how to use it in Dart and Flutter then this article is for you. Even if you know what it is and are using it already this article might be beneficial for you to get deeper understanding. Futures are one of the ways to deal with asynchronous computation in Dart and Flutter. Flutter also provides FutureBuilder that allows to get data from a Future and present it easily in the Widget tree. Before talking anymore about Future and FutureBuilder, let's step back and look at whah asynchronous programming is and why we do need Future.

Understanding BuildContext in Flutter

If you have been learning Flutter, you have seen BuildContext everywhere. BuildContext is an important concept in Flutter most developers find hard to understand. Many of even seasoned developers don't fully understand what BuildContext is and what it does. Yet it's basic and must know for every Flutter developers. Today in this article we will try to understand what BuildContext is and why it is important. Before we understand BuildContext, we must understand widget and widget tree. So let's dive into that.

Easy Flutter Tutorial Series in Nepali


Many of you requested to create a basics Flutter tutorial series in Nepali language. Happy with your request and also considering that there are less Flutter content in Nepali, I have started Nepali Youtube channel and started a Flutter Introductory Tutoria Series in Nepali. It will cover all the basic concepts of Flutter application framework. We will learn Flutter scratch and cover various topics. Along with that, each video in the series will consist of lots of tips and tricks that will make you capable to further explore and build apps on your own using Flutter once you have completed the series. I will not only teach you Flutter, but also teach you how to learn further Flutter or any other technologies. Tips and tricks regarding learning process presented in each videos will be applicable most of the time when you are learning other languages, frameworks or tools. I hope you will enjoy the series. Please provide me any feedback you have in my social media or Youtube comments.

Flutter鉂わ笍Appwrite Starter Template


I'm planning to build a lot more applications with Flutter and Appwrite. If you are too, then this is for you. In this series we will build a Starter Template for our FlAppwrite Applications where we will implement some repeatitive tasks like Localization, State management, Authorization etc, that we do for each of our project. So that we can use this as a base template next time we want to create a new FlAppwrite Application.

Appwrite 鉂わ笍 Flutter - Tutorial Series

Appwrite is an open source back-end server, that you can easily setup using docker. And it can be used to support your web and mobile applications. And, it is great for Flutter developers to have Appwrite in their toolbox, as this will give them alternative to Firebase, or building own service in back-end. This is unique opportunity for Flutter developers, as they can focus on their application rather than on setting up a remote database, API and stuff. So, in this ongoing tutorial series, we will learn to setup Appwrite and use it as a back-end for our flutter application.

Flutter Recipes 2 - Firebase Firestore Helpers

I have built quite a few apps with Flutter and Firebase. And, for most of those projects I used Firestore as the database. So, I had to perform all sorts of query, pagination, mapping Firestore returned Maps to data models. So over that period of time, I have created a simplified, generalized helper class with various methods that help me work with firestore database. That is what I am publishing here. Hope it will be useful for those using firestore in their database.

Flutter URL Preview

So, what is URL preview if you remember whenever you share some url in facebook or twitter or any other social network the app automatically generates the preview for that url with the title image description this seems like a simple feature but this can add a lot of value to few types of applications like chat applications social network applications and any other applications where users are allowed to share data with one another so if they share any link having the preview of the url adds a lot of value.

Flutter Recipes 1 - ListView recipes

Lists are an integral part of mobile applications. Being able to present a list of items is therefore an undeniably important thing to know as a mobile developer. In this article, I will provide various code recipes for implementing ListView in your Flutter applications. Let's get started.