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Easy Flutter Tutorial Series in Nepali


Many of you requested to create a basics Flutter tutorial series in Nepali language. Happy with your request and also considering that there are less Flutter content in Nepali, I have started Nepali Youtube channel and started a Flutter Introductory Tutoria Series in Nepali. It will cover all the basic concepts of Flutter application framework. We will learn Flutter scratch and cover various topics. Along with that, each video in the series will consist of lots of tips and tricks that will make you capable to further explore and build apps on your own using Flutter once you have completed the series. I will not only teach you Flutter, but also teach you how to learn further Flutter or any other technologies. Tips and tricks regarding learning process presented in each videos will be applicable most of the time when you are learning other languages, frameworks or tools. I hope you will enjoy the series. Please provide me any feedback you have in my social media or Youtube comments.