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Flutter❤️Appwrite Starter Template


I'm planning to build a lot more applications with Flutter and Appwrite. If you are too, then this is for you. In this series we will build a Starter Template for our FlAppwrite Applications where we will implement some repeatitive tasks like Localization, State management, Authorization etc, that we do for each of our project. So that we can use this as a base template next time we want to create a new FlAppwrite Application.

Appwrite ❤️ Flutter - Tutorial Series

Appwrite is an open source back-end server, that you can easily setup using docker. And it can be used to support your web and mobile applications. And, it is great for Flutter developers to have Appwrite in their toolbox, as this will give them alternative to Firebase, or building own service in back-end. This is unique opportunity for Flutter developers, as they can focus on their application rather than on setting up a remote database, API and stuff. So, in this ongoing tutorial series, we will learn to setup Appwrite and use it as a back-end for our flutter application.