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Taking Flutter to Web

Taking Flutter To Web

  • Flutter Web
  • Navigator 2.0
  • Riverpod and MVVM
  • Appwrite Integration
  • Firebase Integration
  • and more

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Inside the Book

In this book, you will learn about Flutter Web and everything required to build a web application, from scratch in Flutter to building and deploying the Flutter web application. You will learn the basics and go deep into Flutter web's working. You will learn about navigation, including Navigator 2.0, from scratch. You will learn to organize your files using MVVM (Model, View, View-model) architecture. Then you will learn to implement state management, persistence, and back-end-as-a-service platforms like Appwrite and Firebase. And finally, you will learn to build and deploy your Flutter application on the web.

Part 1: Basics of Flutter Web

  1. Getting Started with Flutter on the Web
  2. Creating Your First Web App
  3. Building Responsive and Adaptive Designs

Part 2: Flutter Web under the Hood

  1. Flutter Web under the Hood
  2. Understanding Routes and Navigation (including Navigator 2.0)
  3. Architecting and Organizing (including MVVM architecture)

Part 3: Advanced Concepts

  1. Implementing Persistence
  2. State Management in Flutter
  3. Integrating Appwrite
  4. Firebase Integration
  5. Building and Deploying a Flutter Web Application